About Mohamad Chalak

About me

I’m a licensed Educational leader from the ministry of education in the UAE.



  • 2018 - Present
    Sharjah American International School, UAQ Campus

    Middle School Section Coordinator

    Managing and leading the middle school (Teachers, Students, …)
    • Designing the smart goals and the action plan of the middle schoolsection
    • Maintaining daily contact with homeroom and/or classroom teachers pertaining to the
    wellbeing ofstudentsin their care
    • Working with the student’s counsellor to enhance the students’ well-being
    • Planning and conducting relevant assemblies regarding anti-bullying and E-safety,
    • Safeguarding and providing pastoral care to students
    • Conducting class visitsto evaluate teaching and learning
    • Conducting professional developmentsessionsforteachers
    • Preparing workshops addressing recommendationsfor improving student-teacher relation
    according to PISA’sreport (Program for International Student Assessment = PISA)
    • Administering the CAT4 (Cognitive Ability Test) & MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) tests
    in the middle school section
    • Meeting with parentsregularly to discusstheir kid’s academic progress and/ or the student’s
    ongoing problem of a social and/or academic nature
    • Conducting and supervising parent conferences and Involving parentsin school activities
    • Dealing with student disputes asthey occur, adjudicating, and advising wisely and fairly
    • Assisting and supporting the Curriculum Coordinator, the Heads of Departments, and the
    Principal in providing a high standard of curriculum and curriculum delivery
    • Monitoring teacher planning
    • Assisting and supporting the Examination process as directed by the Principal
    • Supporting the Principal in the informal and formal appraisal processes
    • Taking overthe registration of all middle schoolstudents continuing with our school or
    transferring from other schoolsto generate the required student lists
    • Registering studentsin Microsoft Teams and monitoring the online lessons
    • Coordinating accreditation in the school as an Internal Review Team Expert
    • A member in online safety committee in school and conducting assemblies about online safety
    • Conducting regular spot checks on students’ workbooks, copybooks, and diaries
    • Teaching moral education to grade 7 and 8 students


Time management