Teaching in Oman

Are you interested in teaching abroad and experiencing a new culture? Oman may be the perfect place for you. With its beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and growing economy, Oman offers exciting opportunities for teachers. In this article, we will discuss why teaching in Oman could be a great choice for you.

Teachers Salary and Benefits in Oman

Teachers in Oman can expect to make between $2000 and $4000 USD per month, tax-free. based on industry, job location and candidate profile. Most include furnished accommodations or extremely low-cost housing. As well as it is a great way to save money, other benefits when Teaching in Oman can include return airfare, medical insurance provided by the employer, paid vacation time and last but not least allowances for transportation and tuition for dependents. The highest-paying industry in Oman for Teacher is Education. Comparing across Oman cities, Muscat offers the highest salaries for Teacher. Look for Teaching Job vacancies in Oman.

Living in Oman

Oman is a safe and secured part of the Middle East for expats with a low crime rate. The spending culture is generally reported to be lower than in the neighbouring UAE and typical teaching contracts include benefits such as free or low-cost accommodation and flight reimbursement so teachers have a great chance of saving a significant amount of their tax-free salary.

Arabic is the dominant local language with English, Balochi, Swahili and Asian languages following. The international Schools in Oman teach exclusively in English.

In holidays and weekends, you can enjoy sand-dune racing in the deserts or camping in the mountains. In addition, Dubai is only an hour away by plane, which makes Oman the perfect place to enjoy the luxury and beauty of the Middle East with the hubbub of the great city within easy reach.

The stunning view of Mutrah, Oman.

Criteria for Teaching Jobs in Oman

The candidates for Teaching in Oman must meet the following criteria:

  • Regional teaching license or certification
  • 2 years of teaching experience

Experience Teaching in Oman

Apply for Teaching in Oman through our website, simply by searching for teaching Job vacancies or post your resume so the right educational institution can find you.

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